September 12, 2017 

Members of the Historical Society have been diligently  working to move the Historical Society's property to their new home in the new borough, the move is scheduled to be completed by the end of September.

For the 2018 Historical Society calendar we are looking for class reunion and family reunion pictures of Lilly area reunions and family reunions. Please contact Ron Muldoon if you have photos to be considered. (814) 886-8868.

Town Reunion

The Historical Society held its second Town Reunion during the Fourth of July weekend of 2016. During the two-day event several of the local organizations participated by setting up booths to promote their individual causes. Among those where the Lilly-Washington Library, Lilly-Washington War Memorial Association, The Knights of Columbus, and Mount Carmel National Catholic Church.Saturday started off with a breakfast and slide show at Our Lady of the Alleghenies Parish hosted by President Emeritus James Salony. That evening the Historical Society provided residents with a Trolley Bus Lilly Club shuttle. The shuttle traveled between the American Legion, GBU, PNA, Sokol’s, and Firemen’s pavilion (Firemen’s week in Lilly).
Sunday was the Homecoming picnic. The day was filled with a variety of activities, including a shuttle bus tour of Lilly, which included the Historical Society Town Memorials, and a trip to the Lilly Mountain​​​​  windmills. The bus tour guides where Liz Wilt and Rick Kawtoski. ​ This was another highlight of the reunion.  Another attraction was a walk down memory lane featuring vintage photographs of Lilly and Lilly area artifacts.
Three bands were featured on Sunday, Raging Slagg, Hallmarks, and the Fabulous Flashbacks. Additional events included children’s activities, a silent auction, games of chance, and great food provided by the Mount Carmel National Catholic Church.

Homecoming Queen and Oldest Living Lilly Area Resident Frances Brisini.  President Jack Barlick was emcee of the event to recognize the Lilly area and former area residents 80 years and older (octogenarian, nonagenarian and centenarian). Many of our town’s “Oldest Living Lilly Area Residents”, were present for the ceremony. The title of the oldest living person and the homecoming queen went to Frances Brisini who was 104 years old and a former resident of the borough of Lilly.
The final highlight of the day was an extravagant fireworks display put on by R & R Fireworks, that lasted for about an hour during which there were many oohs and aahs.
Through donations and other Historical Society events, there was a positive financial outcome for the Historical Society. Many thanks to those individuals who donated, as well as to the local Lilly clubs, the GBU, American Legion, PNA, and the Sokols. We would also like to thank the Mount Carmel National Catholic Church for providing the picnic grounds, the parking and other facilities, and Our Lady of the Alleghenies for use of the social hall and to the volunteers that helped make the Town Reunion a success. 

Election of Officers 
At the March 7, 2017 meeting, the Historical Society  conducted a reorganization of the Board of Directors. 
The Board of Directors: President: Beverly Mandichak, Vice President: Rick Kawtoski, Secretary: Liz Wilt, Treasurer: Bill Agosta
Directors:  Lee Ann Cannonie, Melvin Fees, Myrtle Haines, Ron Muldoon, Ted Myers, Patrick Podrasky, Phyllis Podrasky_ President Emeritus: Jim Salony.

Our New Home
​Due to the Community Spirit of the former Lilly Area Ambulance Service, the Historical Society has a new home located in the basement of the former ambulance building. The ambulance building was donated to Lilly Borough and included in the deed was a clause providing that the basement of the building be allocated to the Lilly-Washington Historical Society. Our sincere thanks to the Board of Directors of the former Lilly Area Ambulance Service.
One of the Historical Society goals is to have the new location ready for public viewing this summer. New members and volunteers are needed to help the Society to continue to be a vital part of the communities of Lilly and Washington Township.
For Whom the Bell Tolls 
The  following are individuals from the Lilly area who have passed away. It is based on information that was available and may not be complete. Please forgive any discrepancies.
November 2015 – November 2016
Annie (Smith) Michina, Audrey (Glenn) Shedlock, Victor “Tom” Weatherwalk, Paul Smith, Francis “Cheech” Albarano, Carol (Plummer) Issacson, Deana (Durbin) Lundburg, Marie (Krug) Clinemyer, Father William Kovach, Gladys Rosa, Alice Weakland, Marie Trybus, Alice (McGivney) Mazur, Veronica McIntosh, Violet Pearson, Thomas Duffy, Robert “Bobbie” George, Betty Karroll, John “Jack” Binduga, Elmer “JR” Bollman, Patrick Bickford, Bob McLucas, Stanley Clay, Larry Mock, Robert “Bob” Causer, Dan “Buggsie” George, Frederick “Marty” Arnold, Paul “Moose” Sweeney, Mary E. (Brale) Rumery, Helen (Orlosky) Sarneski, Raymond Pikus, Thomas Miorelli Jr., Theresa (McConnell) Kissel, Emma (Wills) Claar, John “Jack” Lazor, Marian Hershel, Nellie Leap, Clyde McKee, Barbie Szczechowicz, Shirley (Booterbaugh) Kruetzburger, Joe Suchta, Arthur L. Diehl, Stanley Noga, John Muldoon


MEMORIAL DAY FLOWERS ---a mixed flower arrangement will be placed on the graves the morning of May 27. Orders must be in by May 17, 2017. The cost of the basket is $18.

​Name__________________________________ Name of Lilly Cemetery________________________________________

​Address _______________________________________ Name on Tombstone__________________________________

City State Zip_____________________________________ Telephone Nbr.______________________________________

Location of the grave within the cemetery (Be as specific as possible)._________________________________
Pleae mail to:          Galls Insurance Agency, LWHS Flower Order, at 506 Main St. Lilly, PA 15938


Decorations provided by Lilly Decorating Committee.

Halloween Ghost and Goblins appear in Lilly.

Unexpected apperations appeared around the center of town several weeks ago. These eire creatues seem to come alive at night and rumor has it they are haunting the community.


Lilly-Washington Historical Society Newsletter Spring 2017.

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